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Anand Kaper – UAI

As an Indian adoptee, I do acknowledge the importance of the work Arun and his team are doing: fighting for the rights of adoptees. This is of very much importance for adoptees. Deliberately and discretely tracking and tracing families of origin, fighting the current system in court, and trying to convince adoption agencies to share… Read more »

Letter from Anusja – A warm note in cold times.

Dear Arun,   Exactly one year ago we were driving to Aachen, where we met. I remember sitting there so nervous. Not knowing what to do or what to say. And there you were sitting in front of me, going patiently through all information and looking at me, also not saying much. Amazed by how… Read more »

Message from Martijn

Message from Martijn My name is Martijn and I have a very important message for all Indian adoptees, especially for those that come from the orphanage in Moodabidri!I was born in the orphanage in Moodabidri ( near Mangalore ) in the state of Karnataka . I have had for a long time a desire to… Read more »