Costs and Risks

So you’ve read the stories about other adoptees searches and the way we work.

You are considering our support in your own search.

The next question popping in your mind is, if searching for you is free or comes with a price.


We can’t sadly execute searches from A-Z for free as we have no funding. We wished we could though.

Executing a search implies different kind of costs.
(monthly – variable – direct)

On top of this we have to guarantee a financially sustainable organisation, so a search comes with a price tag.


In most cases we had next to zero information to start with. Navigating the Indian bureaucracy takes all our skill and experience.

We have a strategy that is tailor-made and takes into account the complexity of each search.

Whatever information is out there regarding your adoption and family, we will go after it and use it.

We understand the insecurity you have about paying for a search without having the guarantee we can find your family and reunite you.

It’s good and completely understandable you have your doubts about paying for something which might not give the result you wish for.

But we can guarantee you every euro is used correctly to cover the search costs.

We can promise you, you will get a result. A closure to your search.

We will go through every possibility in order to find your family. If at a certain point, there is no option left, we will be honest about it.

So what we can guarantee is an answer to the question “Can my family be found or not ?”

What we need from you is your trust, and believe we will try whatever is possible.

Every adoptee is different, and each story is. Every adoptee helped by us, has gone through the same doubts as you. Which is normal. But at the moment they decided to be helped by us, they understood the importance of trusting us on our word we are here to help and not to profit from your search.

Over 10 years experience of searching in India shows that the real cost is at least 20,000 Euro (see Explanation of our Expenses for more details). The time and costs involved are incredible and we provide aftercare/advice even after the seven year period. One method of keeping costs down, and covering all of India, is to group adoptees together before doing covering a particular region.

To put this into perspective, most professionals would consider 20,000 Euro a reasonable price for a new car — and paying by installments would be an acceptable way of paying for it. For many adoptees finding their families is more important than buying a new car.

We realize that very few adoptees have 20,000 Euro available for a search so we have come up with a model to spread this cost over a 7 year period. It is a fair system that will not only benefit those who buy into it, but all those who will be able to access the data for free after we succeed in breaking open the system and de-classifying all adoption records.


The costs

a. Intake — 50 Euros
b. Review of documents provided by adoptee – 100 Euros
c. Contract – 2,500 Euros

d. 7 years subscription of 200 Euros a month,


Within 24 months we from our side have to gather the necessary information, such as name and adress of the indian family. If we fail, you can of course stop the subscription.

After we gathered the necessary information we should be able to trace your family within 12 months, otherwise you can of course cancel the subscription.

Compared to a fee for service model, this model will save you a lot of money.

Also the first case from a particular orphanage is the most difficult case. If we would go for a fee for service model, the first adoptee would have to shoulder very high expenses, whereas the following would pay far less. It would be highly unfair.


Essentially the risk for you are 7450 EUR only as usually when we have gathered the necessary information, we usually  do trace the families.

If we charge less than this amount, our organisation will not be financially sustainable.

On case by case basis, once we are sustainable, we can this way also take a case here and there, of an adoptee, who has no way to come up with such money. So do contact us even if right now you can´t come up with such amounts.

It is a fair system that will not only benefit those who buy into it, but all those who will be able to access the data for free after we succeed in fully breaking open the system and de-classifying all adoption records.