Explanation of the costs

The purpose of this page is to explain to our supporters where their money goes. It is also a useful way to describe our services.

The monthly costs are self-explanatory; the variable costs are occasional and the direct costs are those which directly relate to the searches. ARCs search service would not be possible without all three of these categories.

Here are the main expenses for our Pune-based operation in India:

Monthly Costs

– Office rent
– Salaries for ARC staff members
– Bookkeeping, accounting and auditing
– Maintaining our website

Variable Costs:
– Fees for social workers and other professionals
– Court cases
– Legal fees
– Lobbying/advocating for adoptee rights
– Public relations (dealing with the media)
– Arranging meetings for adoptees in different locations
– Participation in relevant conferences and workshops
– Dealing with child sexual abuse cases

Direct Costs

– Intake
– Counselling
– Review of paperwork
– Contracts
– Grouping of search cases
– Travel and accommodation (the costs of ARC staff travelling to various locations in India)

Please contact us for more details