She found her father after 23 years – human trafficking revealed

23 November 2016
(Google Translation)

Jyothi Bousle Svahn had a strong memory of how her mother left her.

But in the adoption papers in Sweden, it was stated that she had no relatives.
As an adult, she began searching for their roots – and revealed a dark side where Swedish authorities and organizations have contributed to human trafficking, she says in [radio program] « the reality of P3 » .

Jyothi came to Sweden at the age of five. The adoption papers said « mother: unknown ».
On the radio Jyothi tells of her dream to find their biological parents in India – and how she was on the road to reveal a dark secret.
The memory of how she panicky screaming for her mother when she was left, Jyothi kept secret for long.
– I was told my Indian family was not there. It was in the papers. Then I felt: « why should I whine about this? » Said Jyothi in the program.

Found the right name
In adulthood Jyothi could not get rid of her memory. She went to a psychologist, but she got the advice to accept her fate and continue her life in Sweden.
But Jyothi wanted something different. Together with her adoptive parents, she went to India to get answers.
At an orphanage they found her file. There was a piece of paper with the name of the mother.
– There began my journey to locate her, says Jyothi.

Money via crowdfunding
In Sweden Jyothi managed to raise money from individuals in social media to be able to go back and continue the research. Back in India, she received the help of an organization working against child trafficking.
In the end, she got hold of her uncle, who brought her further. Jyothi who had always been looking for her mother, instead found her father.
– When I saw him all the memories came back. All the dreams I had when I was younger, they were about him, says Jyothi.
But amidst the joy the father told his version of the story, which may mean that Jyothi has been trafficked.

Critical towards the authority

In the Swedish adoption papers it says that Jyothi’s mother is single – which proved to be false.
The father says that a legal offense was committed, because he was still married to the mother at the time of adoption. He believes that Jyothi was stolen from him.

Arun Dohle from the organization Against Child Trafficking says in the program that there is much to suggest that Jyothi is a victim of trafficking.
The National Agency for Family and parenting support would not comment on the individual case, but admits that trafficking to Sweden through adoption has occurred.

– There is a risk of trafficking and it is our task to counteract it, says Lovisa Kim from the authority of the program.
Jyothi is now critical about how Swedish organizations and authorities monitor adoptions. But she is also happy. When she found her father, her life changed drastically.

– It feels great to know that I have an Indian family who did not want to get rid of me from the beginning.