Born in Odisha and brought up in Belgium, she meets family members after long 30 years


The scenes unfolded at Gujapanga village under Raikia block in Kandhamal district after Mamina, who stays in Belgium, met her family members, relatives after long 30 years seem to be straight out of typical Bollywood family reunion scenes.

The story of Mamina getting separated from her family is equally moving.

Cut to 30 years back when Mamina was born as the fifth child to Krushnachandra Rana at Gujapanga village. Unfortunately, she was barely three months old and not even able to recognise her parents when her mother left for her heavenly abode.

As if it was not enough, Mamina’s father had to leave her at Subhadra Mahatab Ashram located at G Udayagiri. He had to take this decision to save her life as then it was an uphill task for him to feed six empty stomachs.
Krushnachandra had then hardly known that a glittering future would be waiting for his daughter as a Belgian couple adopted her.

Till a few years ago, she didn’t have any idea about her birthplace and parents. Two years ago, she was on her way to Cambodia on a pleasure trip when a few people wanted to know whether she is an Anglo-Indian.

This question made her delve into her past. After getting to know about her from her foster parents, she contacted ‘Against Child Trafficking’, an organisation working in international level, in the field of child adoption.

Luckily, there were some Indians working with the organisations. They contacted Anjali Pawar, a Mumbai-based lawyer. And it paved the way for her meeting with her family members.
“I am very happy after meeting my family members. I love that I come from such a beautiful place. I could meet my father, brother and sisters,” said a visible jubilant Mamina.

Undoubtedly, it was a great moment for the family. “My father is the happiest person on the earth. He is saying that he could meet his daughter before his death and he has not any other wishes left in his life,” said Mamina’s elder sister.

“When she was a child, she was told that her mother was an unwed mother. But when she accessed her papers in 2018, they came to know that her mother wasn’t an unwed mother. Then she started searching for us,” said Anjali Pawar.

Mamina’s husband Arnad is also happy for Mamina meeting her family members after a long gap.

Wherever there is a meeting, there is a parting as well. It happened with Mamina as well. Promising she would keep visiting her family members, she hugged them all, sought permission for leaving and left the village for Belgium, leaving her family members, neighbours in teary eyes.