Categorie: Documentaries

2017: Manufactured Orphans

Preview. Online in April 2017. With the help of ACT, a Swedish adoptee follows the criminal trail to India to unmask the deception behind her adoption story. ACT’s founder Roelie Post explains the pattern on Channel News Asia.

Anusja | Finding my birth mother

A Belgian woman travelled 7000 kms for one meeting with her birth mother. Here’s how her journey unfolded.

Stolen Children – Intercountry Adoption in India

Anisha is 11 months when she is adopted by a German couple from India. At the age of 14, she started to look for her mother. She finds her 3 years later and learns that she is a stolen child.  The film deals with the search for people’s rights and the responsibility of the adoption agencies.


14 Year Trauma for family ends.

We actually informed the dutch family and youthwelfare authorities about the background of the children. Later the children went to India with a family friend and were reunited with their indian family.