Search Guide

This is what you need to do:

– Get all your adoption papers together.
– Read the recent CARA Guidelines to be found here:
– As a result of our work for adult adoptee rights, CARA may be open with you and offer the possibility of finding your Indian family yourself.
– Write to the authorities and stakeholders mentioned in the CARA guidelines (Google their email addresses).

– Your orphanage is also a good starting point.
Times and practices are indeed slowly changing.
Even the orphanages, who previously were completely against searches, are now helping adoptees in some cases.
Not clear to us is why they help in some and in others not.
Yet it ‘s worth a try.

In the last 15 years we paved the way for you.

Travelling to India is a unique experience in itself.

If you take your search into your own hands, you will have full control and learn a lot about your country of origin. It may be really worthwhile.

There are Facebook groups where you can connect with other adult adoptees.

Some have found their families back. They will happily advice you in the search process.

Keep in mind, that you may travel to India 2 or 3 times at the very least (during your well earned holidays).
Searching is not a holiday. It maybe rewarding in many ways, even if you fail. But it is very stressfull.

When you calculate the costs of a search, you’ll need to take into account the loss of your paid work time. Only then will you get a realistic picture.
If you do so, you’ll land up easily at 10,000 Euros or above.

What we offer is to to take all these troubles from you.

There’s nothing much you need to do yourself.
We’ll do it all. From A- Z and take you by your  hand up to the moment when you and your Indian family are comfortable with each other.
We know how complex things are and to get where we are today took us 15 years of hard work.

What you will need are local people supporting your search with huge determination.
If you choose to go with us, you will have that.

One thing we experience frequently is adoptees approaching us in despair who burned all their savings, and years of time, while searching on their own.
We have huge understanding (and experience) of adoptee related issues.

But kindly do understand that in case you choose to walk the path on your own, we cannot rescue you in case of failure and relax the financial contribution needed.

It would be unfair towards the other adoptees who have entrusted their search to us.