DNA Testing

Many adoptees these days use DNA testing. It promises easy and quick results.

It also comes with challenges.

What might work in a US or European context may be much more difficult in India.

Most Indians have not submitted their DNA to any of the existing databases. So the chances of a match are slim.

But still worth a try.

Someone from your family might have migrated and submitted his / her DNA sample.

But this can result in very complex social issues.

Imagine that you find a first cousin. Your mother was unmarried and hardly anyone knows about your existence.

Most likely the DNA result will reveal your mother’s secret to your cousin. It may be out of your hands already

If you are lucky the cousin is helpful and discreet. If not, the consequences for your mother could be fatal.

You will need the assistance of a professional social worker.

In principle, we do welcome DNA testing, but only if great care is taken and everyone is respected

It is essential that the social issues are dealt with appropriately and a reunion works out well for all parties involved.