The Adoptee Solidarity Fund

The idea behind the new Adoptee Solidarity Fund is to join forces with every adoptee who wants to search for his/her parents in India.

Together we can be a powerful force.

The challenge is formidable: finding our real identity can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Navigating the Indian bureaucracy takes all our skill and experience. Dealing with cases like IMH (International Mission of Hope) takes years of perseverance.

We don’t like charging adoptees for our time but we have to in order to function. In order to make it as fair as possible for adoptees we charge everyone the same fee.

We also ask everyone to send us their file so we can carry out an initial assessment, in order to avoid adoptees chasing a false trail. In some cases finding a parent is impossible.

The fund will work like this: every adoptee who is eligible for a search will pay a flat rate of 2,500 Euro plus 200 Euro per month for 7 years. *

The contributions gathered will cover our expenses for the extensive work involved in organising searches. Some searches take years.

Our aim is to work ourselves out of a job. The fund will enable us to lobby the Indian government to pass legislation that makes it obligatory to make all adoption records accessible.

Join us…

*  in case an adoptee has already a full name and adress of the indian family, we ll have to decide on case by case basis the contribution to the solidarity fund